Turf Preps

Give your turf the right start

Turf preparation isn’t an easy operation. Getting the job done right involves real earthmoving, and for real earthmoving you need a real professional with the right tools. And that’s where TK’s Bobcat Hire comes in. TK’s Bobcat Hire has the experience and the professional equipment to make sure your property is ready to lay turf that will grow and last.

TK’s Bobcat Hire can prepare your site for turf on any soil type, and over tricky terrain. Getting the old, deep grass roots out is vital to preparing for your new lawn. And because TK’s Bobcat Hire is an experienced professional operator, they won’t leave your property looking like a bomb’s gone off. TK will have the job done quickly and cleanly, so your turf is laid as soon as possible.

Give your lawn the best start possible with professional turf prep. To get TK’s Bobcat Hire on the case, fill out the contact form or simply call 0437 869 001.

Turf prep with the pros

TK’s Bobcat Hire has decades of excavation experience in Brisbane, and a reputation for unbeatable service. Don’t trust any work on your property to cowboys – get a trusted professional onto your turf prep and see what difference hiring an expert can make. If you need an expert to help get your turf off to the best start possible, call TK’s Bobcat Hire.

Sometimes only a professional will do. To get TK’s Bobcat Hire to help out on your site, fill out the contact form or simply call 0437 869 001.